A Gallop on the Embankment with Spring Breeze

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Sunday brunch w/ my honeybunch Dax Reyes

# chickenspinachalapobre
1 whole garlic crushed & toasted
50g chicken meat thin strips
250g spinach stems cut off (substitute kangkong)
1.5tbs olive oil
1tsp oyster sauce
a pinch of cayenne, black pepper & salt
*on olive oil toast garlic, set aside for toppings, saute chicken followed by spinach, add oyster sauce, cayenne, black pepper, salt. Add toasted garlic on top to serve. A Gallop on the Embankment with Spring Breeze

# guacamolesalsa
2 medium avocado small cubes
3 tomatoes seeded small cubes
1 onion cubes
1 sili pang paksiw chopped
3 calamansi juice (pag mayaman ka 1/2 lemon or lime)
1.5tbs balsamic vineger (substitute suka iloco or pinakurat)
.5tsp honey (substitute brown/washed sugar)
a pinch of black pepper, dried basil & salt
*combine vegies then pour wet ingredients after mixing w/ seasonings.

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