Battling Records of the Chosen One

The way our bodies are made, think about the intricacies, the way bone is surrounded by ligament, tendon, tissue, skin, the way blood flows, and air enters pathways to oxygenate our bodies, to give us breath, Nafas, the way the brain works, is formed---the way our eyes are set, and made, the way even adrenal glands refurbish our bodies, while we sleep, with what it takes to make us resilient, alive, awake, the way our feet are formed, metatarsals, calcaneus, cuboid, navicular; the way the bottom of my tibia, and its uppermost part, bends and curves forward, to fit, something like a golf ball, into the waiting bone above it, the way corpuscles and veins are mapped throughout the body, the cartography of blood and paths, tiny rivers that blood makes, routing its way through us, keeping us----alive. Battling Records of the Chosen One

We are fearfully, and wonderfully, made.