Befriending The Most Powerful Person

We are often asked why teaching blind children colours is important. The next question is usually "How do you do it if they can't see?" Colours are highly symbolic. We often say "I am having a blue Monday" or "I was tickled pink". Your child must understand that colours help give meaning to the world around them. They may not be able to see but it is good to know what colours are associated with which parts of the world around them. When we teach colours we st ... art by naming the colour and describing what that colour looks like, we then attach everyday objects to this colour. It is easy to start with short descriptions like THE SKY IS BLUE , THE GRASS IS GREEN, THE SUN IS YELLOW and THE CLOUDS ARE WHITE. You can put this excercise into practive by providing textured materials associated with that colour and allowing your child to create a piece of art. For example show them soft cotton and then tell them its white and fluffy like the clouds. Take a look at this video and let us know what you think. Look out for our Thursday post where we will put this excercise into practice. Befriending The Most Powerful Person

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