Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe

So....after planning a very important trip to clean out my Parents vacation home in NC for my Mom ,since my dad passed suddenly, we ( Jon, Me, Mom , my sister Steph and Darios) arrived at my parents vacation home , which is loaded with furniture and closets FILLED with "Stuff
." Day 1 .. we decide to designate the items for Salvation Army. Rented Uhaul and delivered THEN the unnecessary Snide comments get thrown out by my sister about how annoyed she was that My mom and I @ 8pm started eating before she and Jon returned from deliverying back the truck! ! I replied by saying that I prepared their dinner on the stove and that I didn't appreciate Stephs nasty attitude because I needed to feed my 7 yr old son !! She got super huffy and grabbed her food then are in the "other " room! We went to bed and when I woke the next morning, my mom was in tears and told me that Steph LEFT!! YUPP Left me with progressive MS and my Mom with a slipped Disk, my 7 yr old Son and my husband ( the ONLY one who can lift anything! ) my Mom begged her to stay and she LEFT!! Well, we met with a realtor and she told us ALL that we needed to do to prepare the house for sale which involved: painting the big Shed, and trimming up the TERRIBLY overgrown property ( Jon was up until 11 trying to fix my folks mower last night) PLUS pack EVERYTHING !! THANKS for leaving us in a HUGE RUTT !! I have poison Ivy all over my face , it is 100 degrees here and wont stop raining!! Today We hired a guy to help load the Uhaul for $100! We are stuck here two extra days now being short handed!!!!! I am truly sickened by my sister's selfish and CRUEL exit! Next time I'll bring a dependable friend!! Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe