I'm in Hollywood

Alright trainers, coaches etc. G will be in the ice 2 nights a week for 2-3 hours this year it appears. Which means 3 nights a week I need to come up with work outs. (I don't feel it's asking too much of his body, as most high school sports practice 5 days/week).
As a goalie he needs strong shoulders and explosive legs, quick reaction time (so working on fast twitch muscles), and endurance bc he will not get breaks like skaters do, playing whole games that are far more intense than he's use too. He'll be doing this multiple games a day. I'm in Hollywood
Keeping in mind, it's a long season with games starting in November and end of season tournaments beginning of March.
Suggestions for types of workouts?? I will ask coaches but they were less than helpful last year.
(He is in full blown puberty) Tag others in comments that may have thoughts. Allen Bader . Terie Littlepage Moreno . Alison Bedingfield Delgado . Kristi Siconolfi .