Immortal Betgod

Hello everyone,

Here is schedule for next games

Nov 8 (Thursday)

Match 1-challengers vs bengal tigers 2(9pm)
Match 2- ducksters vs bengal tigers1(10pm)
Match 3- tuskers vs renegades (11pm)

Nov 11 (Sunday)

Match 1- shikari’s vs winner of(ducksters vs bengal tiger 1) (8pm)
Match 2- devils vs winner of( tuskers vs renegades) (9pm)
Match 3- immortals vs winner of (challengers vs bengal tiger 2) (10pm)

After this, 6 teams will go ahead and 6 teams will be out of this tournament and furthermore, winning 6 teams would get divided into 2 groups of 3 teams each. Immortal Betgod
Where which team lost 2 games would get out of the tournament and remaining 4 teams will go to the semifinals

If you have any questions please inbox me on messenger