Legend of the Great Saint


† Celebrating the Feast of St. Thomas, the Apostle †
(July 3, 2019)

† Ephesians 219-24 †
† John 20:24-29 †

The first reading celebrates the unity we have as a community of faith, with the Apostles. The Apostles are the foundations of our faith says the reading and the liturgy proclaims the same truth too! Celebrating St. Thomas today, the diverse legends notwithstanding, we thank God for this great Apostle, especially for having brought Christian faith to the South of India.

"Bringing Faith", "Passing on Faith", "Transmitting or Communicating Faith" - these terms puzzle me. Faith is a gift from God, a grace, an inspired response given by a person to the Self-revealing God! If so, can faith be 'brought', 'passed on' or 'transmitted or communicated'? The question does not in any way negate the process that is referred to here with gratitude and recognition of history; instead, it offers an opportunity to bring forth a nuance that dazzles within it. Legend of the Great Saint

Transmitting faith or, faith means primarily testimony of one's faith, that inspires faith in others! The testimony of one's personal response to God, that inspires the others to respond likewise! The Apostles' way of transmitting faith was that they responded to the God who revealed God's self and in that response, they challenged all who were around to respond to the same Lord!

The story told of St. Thomas and his evangelizing activity in southern India, is basically a testimony lived and held out as a challenge. The Challenge is not merely to accept the testimony, but to become a testimony ourselves and continue being the salt and the light of the earth!

(Rev. Father: Antony Christy SDB)

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