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Need advice! I adopted a kitten from the humane society. I returned her to the humane society on 8/16 to be fixed. I picked her up on 8/18 to return home. On the 8/26 her left eye suddenly filled with blood (the anterior chamber) We went to the vet and I found out she had an elevated temp (around 104), she had blood in her stool, and an elevated WBC count (neutrophils if i remember correctly). At this time I didn't realize she was sick, just thought she was being lazy and rec ... overing post being spayed, I solely took her to the vet because her eye suddenly filled with blood. The vet also noticed specks in the right eye (i can't think of the proper term used). She gave her a shot of convenia. I have been giving her oral clindamycin hcl twice daily and using terramycin twice daily for the left eye since our first visit on 8/26. FIV/FelV was ruled out and my kitten has had all vaccinations so we are left with assuming it is FIP. On 8/30 her temperature was 105.6. The labs were repeated and their was no improvement. She was more anemic and her protein levels were elevated. on 9/2 I went by the vet to get fluids to administer subQ because her temp was still elevated (not responding to the antibiotics) it read 103.8 that day. I've only administered the fluids once at home, the people helping me failed to hold her down well enough and she ran away. She hates her oral medication and eye drops as well. My loving playful kitten now RUNS from me, literally runs if I walk towards her. She eats and drinks fine. She has had diarrhea since the first vet visit. She doesn't play and mostly sleeps under my bed (she used to sleep in her kitty bed). Oh also within the past week I noticed the right eye starting to cloud over. My kitten gained 1lb from the visit on 8/26 to 8/30 however I still have not noticed her retaining fluid in the abdomen or chest. My Daoist Life

My question now is should I discontinue the antibiotics if they aren't working? Should I recommended another treatment method to the vet. She mentioned steroids but was worried about her immune system being even more suppressed. I've heard of success storied for the dry form and even a few for the wet form. What has worked best for each of those? I don't know what to do and feel terrible that my kitten is scared of me now.

sorry this post all over the place, as I remembered things I would type them. Thanks in advance for any recommendations

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