One Hundred Ways to Satisfy Your Beloved Wife

We use this simple trick to increase our children's focus.



There are many exercises you can do to help you increase your concentration. The mind is like a muscle at first it will seem hard to build it. Like any other part of your body with practice it will become easier. We enjoy doing this candle exercise because the results are fast in helping to increase your attention.

It is performed by sitting in a meditation posture with your back straight and place a lit candle on an elevated spot in front of you at a distance of five feet. Look at the flame intensely for three minutes if you are an adult and for children about one or two minutes. If you are quiet in body and mind, the after image of that lit candle will remain in your version even though your eyes are closed. One Hundred Ways to Satisfy Your Beloved Wife

Concentrate upon the after image. If your concentration is good, the after image will remain for some time. When it is dissolved, open the eyes and repeat the practice two more times. With repeated practice, you will be able to hold the after image over a longer period of time. This exercise will increase your attention span greatly.

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