Passing Through Your World

The energy that creates the Christos in you is the same energy that creates an erection; it's all about where it sits in your body, which is determined by your lowest level of consciousness. So in all people the kundalini energy sits in one of seven chakras and the chakra in which it sits determines the individuals view..

Your brain is just a receiver of consciousness from the sea of consciousness we are all swimming in. It is a multi-level bio computer able to receive all 7 levels (gears) of consciousness. The action of consciousness upon your brain is what produces your mind and your mind constantly orchestrates your DNA to bring your body into alignment with your mind - hence why I say radiant health is the result of a beautiful mind.

So where are YOU in all of this? Well you have to be consciousness because ALL is that, but you also have Spirit & Soul. Think of your Spirit as your Will and your Soul as the energy essence that captures (as memory) the adventures of your Spirit, which is you.

I said to my horse riding friend last night that her horse had a lot of Spirit - he was being very willful and she was challenged :)

So what happens if an individual decides that they are going to ditch their groundless beliefs and become more open-minded? What happens if the individual starts to willfully desire 'more' than the mundane? They start to open up 'to know'. Their brains start to open up to the higher frequencies of consciousness and their heads hurt and they get dizzy and all of that. But the result is a greater mind, a healthier body and a loftier perspective.

This is why Yeshua used to say, "Beloved God open me up to know". It was his Will that opened up his brain and shifted his kundalini energy to his 7th Chakra.

Gnosis means to know. Gnosticism is knowing through personal experience. Yeshua (Jesus) was a Gnostic and so was his wife..

To move your kundalini energy up into the highest chakras you have to bring your energy home that you leaked through the dualised consciousness of your lowest chakras (the first 3 gears). As you go through this seemingly never-ending process, you will have periods where you will have crazy dreams, almost like bastardised life replays, and your body will be very tired at such times. This is your energy coming home and if it's severe it's often referred to as the Dark night of the Soul. It's necessary... Passing Through Your World

I am not sure I can give much more to the general public but of course I am always available via PM or my website - Gary Bate