Rebirth of Chen An

Our society encourages women to pursue career,success,power,sex and self fulfilment as their ultimate aim. In the wake of the modern feminist revolution,marriage and motherhood have been severely devalued. Feminism claims that these institutions keep women in a state of servitude and prevent them from fulfilling their true potential.Children are seen as a burden or limitation on women's happiness and their ability to make a mark on the world.

An early mantra of the feminist movement was that biology - a Woman' s ovaries,womb and capacity to bear children -must not determine her destiny. But according to scripture,godly,intentional mothering is integral to womanhood. A woman 's physical capacity to give birth points to our spiritual purpose and calling.Bearing and nurturing life is what God has "hardwired" women to do.

Every normal woman is equipped to be a Mother. Certainly not every woman is destined to make use of her biological equipment .But motherhood in a much deeper sense, is the essence of womanhood.The first woman's name affirms and celebrates this truth: Eve means "life giver".God's purpose is that every Woman married or single ,fertile or infertile will bring forth life. Regardless of her marital status, occupation,or age , a woman's greatest aim ought to be to glorify God and further His Kingdom by reproducing bearing spiritual fruit. Rebirth of Chen An

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