Star Wanderer

It has now become a norm that even a gossip monger will tell u how busy they are, anyway let me respect and call them community journalists. Some people they no longer have time for their loved ones, it's surprising that even mothers think they are swamped to an extent that they miss their babies steps of growth, they don't know when their babies start teething, taking first step and all responsibility is put on the shoulder ... of a maid. Men too claim to be so busy that their babies are born in their absence. Guys u might be busy but don't sideline your loved ones, one day u will learn that u missed a lot that u mattered to u most. Some men they claim to be busy making money but bagaetshong nothing surpasses love. O tla lemoga gore the s6 u bought me and the big house u built me was really nothing. Families, friendships are broken because u are busy, ba bangwe they sleep I'm the same bed with their husbands/ wives but they never get to see them. Mosadi a Bo a tsaa modisa/ garden boy mo dira monna, a Bo a go itsholelo ngwana cos u are busy. Funny part a Bo a tsaa your hard earned cash a mo bechetsa, monna a Bo a tsaa maid boo ba tshola ngwana, o Bo o mo tlogela. Lelwapa a Bo le thubega because you are busy. one day o tla lemoga gore botshelo ke lefela la mafela Star Wanderer

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