Taoist Mind Breeds Demons

We know the heart and intent of those who take a knee but what will be the heart and intent after we stand up from taking a knee and tensions have calmed. What would the ancestors do?
What would Garvey do? How about Malcolm? Even King?

I think Garvey would tell you to never put yourself in the position to have to take a knee to anyone else again especially if they don't have your interest or community in mind. Build your own, you are the raw talent of the league that you're ... protesting and you have been for decades. We have the talent, capacity and means to build our own league, after all we did abandon our own league to build the infrastructure of their league after clever infiltration surely, and when we abandon our own to strengthen the empire of others it will always be a losing fight. Taoist Mind Breeds Demons

I love my brother Kaep. I stand with Kaep!!! I think the protest, to kneeling will spark deeper thought toward solutions for our community. The real test will come after the kneeling has passed over..

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