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THIS, right here, is one reason why I refuse to stop sharing. Plexus is changing lives DAILY. Judy is just one of thousands of people who have had their lives changes from our natural supplements.
"My name is Judy Frazier and I have had MS for 24 years. It had begun progressing quickly, intense pain, fatigue, and constant complicated migraines. I was to the point of doctors wanting to hospitalize me. Meds to combat fatigue, including one for cancer patients, sleeping pills, muscle relaxers, multiple migraine meds and I was just prescribed 24 pain pills a day. I cried out to God and heard about Plexus that afternoon.
Did my research, loved what I learned and began Plexus Slim on May 6, 2014. Since then...NOT one debilitating, sleep in a dark room, head discomfort day!! If that's not enough, I'm off of all my pain pills, all fatigue, all muscle relaxers now the only RX I take is my Copaxone. I have about dropped 20lbs. (give or take), my skin has cleared and I feel incredible. I can run now and my darling hubby has his Judy back. Saw my doctors and they're so impressed, my blood work is perfect, my liver actually improved function! They sat with me for over an hour, asking questions about Plexus. They are thoroughly supportive and I am grateful! I now take Slim, Accelerator+, X-factor, Probio5, Fast Relief Nerve Support , P96 protein daily and the Block, Biocleanse as desired. I will never stop taking Plexus! The Lorrain Academy of Natural Science
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